The Evolution of the Challenger Aircraft

          The Challenger design has stood the test of time, but it has not stood still. Over the years several hundred changes have combined to let the latest Challenger take off in less distance, climb more rapidly, and cruise 50 mph faster than the early machines.

          In 2005 the Bombardier-Rotax 582 Blue Head engine became the core of a new bespoke power pack which quickly replaced the 503 engine in being by far the leading choice of Challenger owners. The 582 power pack delivers 30% more horsepower and 34% more torque than its predecessor, the 503. All this with a specific fuel consumption 23% lower! The 582 power pack is now the de facto standard for floats, heavy loads, and high density altitudes.

          Also in 2005, we increased the gross weight of the Challenger II by 20% to 960lbs. And in 2005, we created packages including airframe, power pack, and everything necessary for flight. The Challenger II Premium became the choice of virtually all new owners.

          The newest Bombardier-Rotax 582 Mod 99 Blue Head engines are ASTM certified. Purposely built for use in aviation they have earned top marks for reliability as well as easy, affordable maintenance. Dual independent electronic ignition systems fire two spark plugs per cylinder, for redundancy plus more power and lower fuel consumption. A taller reduction drive and bigger prop increase cruise and climb.

          The current Challenger Light Sport lineup gives choices with a wide range of features; performance; and prices to suit every need and every budget!


New Challenger Light Sport ‘E’ and ‘X’ Series Models

          In July 2010 the Challenger line of aircraft was expanded with the Light Sport ‘X’ Series Model XL-65. In March 2012, the line was expanded again with the new Challenger Light Sport ‘X’ Series model XS-65.

         The new Challenger Light Sport XL-65 and XS-65 are the most dramatic steps forward ever taken. The XL-65 and XS-65 incorporate numerous design enhancements driven by customer inputs. The new models are easier to fly, faster in cruise, more rugged, more ergonomic and easier to build. Prices remain very affordable even with engine and instruments.

         The new XL-65 is a high power, high lift aircraft for amphibious floats, heavy loads, and high density altitudes. A new wing design and 582 power package with 30% more thrust combine to allow an increase in gross weight from 960 to 1060lbs. Standard 20 U.S. Gal. wing tanks allow for the creation of a baggage compartment in the fuselage behind the passenger seat.

         The new XS-65 is a clip wing derivative of the XL-65 with all the same features including the 582 power pack but with a clip wing four feet shorter. The XS-65 is optimized for people who want speed. The maximum cruise speed is 100mph-lightening fast for an ultralight! The XS-65 has an impressive payload of nearly 600 lbs. With its fast cruise, long range wing tanks, and a baggage compartment in the fuselage, the SX-65 makes a great cross-country aircraft.

          In January 2016, the Challenger line of aircraft grew once again with the announcement of the new light Sport ‘E’ Series Models EL-65 and ES-65. The new Challenger Light Sport EL-65 and ES-65 provide a more attainable entry point for those whose needs and budgets are not up to the level of the more fully featured XL-65 and XS-65. In effect the predecessor Challenger II’s capabilities are significantly uplifted without uplifting the cost.

          Available configurations include faired wheels, tundra wheels, straight skies, wheel/skies, straight floats and amphibious floats, all very affordable. In the grand Challenger tradition of versatility switching between configurations is quick and easy.

         The new Light Sport ‘E’ Series and ‘X’ Series models all retain the docile nature, low stall speed and amazing crosswind capability of previous generation of Challenger. The combination of outstanding STOL performance plus heavy duty landing gear and hydraulic disc brakes allow operation from short unimproved strips.

          From crisper handling to a more spacious cabin, the latest Challengers are not only more capable and comfortable, they are better looking and quieter to boot!

         This why Challenger is truly a worldwide favorite advanced ultralight!


2020 Order Forms for the Challenger line of Experimental Aircraft kits!

The Challenger X-Series of Aircraft

 XL-XS Information Sheet

 XL-XS 65 Order Form

XL-XS 65 Kit By Section Order Form

The Challenger E-Series of Aircraft

 EL-ES Information Sheet

EL-ES Order Form

EL-ES Kit by Section Order Form

Challenger Part 103, Challenger I, & Challenger II

The Info Sheets for these aircraft is being re-written and will be here soon!

Part 103 May 2020

Part 103 Kit by Section May 2020

Challenger I STD May 2020

Challenger I STD Kit by Section May 2020

Challenger I CW May 2020

Challenger I CW Kit by Section May 2020

Challenger II STD May 2020

Challenger II  STD Kit by Section May 2020

Challenger II CW May 2020

Challenger II CW Kit by Section May 2020